Miss Marsha's Music Studio of Carmichael

Suzuki Piano and Kindermusik

Studio Policy

Current Tuition Fees
For one quarter (three months) it's $270 with the discount when paid in full. Payment is due in advance of the first lesson of the quarter.  Or, three payments of $100, due in advance of the first lesson of each month. 


Tuition Due
Tuition must be paid in advance and before the first lesson of each month/quarter.  
Included in Tuition
Lessons, preparation time, teacher consultations, recital expenses, master class expenses, and teacher training. 

Tuition Refunds
This is a tuition-based year program consisting of 46–47 lessons. That means whether there are 5 lessons in the month, or 2 lessons, the tuition remains the same. There are no tuition refunds for early withdrawal. This is a tuition-based program.  Your lesson time reserves a slot in my schedule.  Just like soccer and all such activities, a missed lesson does not conctitute a refund. 

No Makeups
However, if someone else cancels, I would be willing to work you in, but I can't always guarantee that that will happen.

Discontinuing Lessons
A one month notice is required.

No credit refunds or proratings will be made as a result of your absence during the semester, or it you decide to discontinue your lesson.

These are one-point lessons and may not require the whole 30 minutes of alloted time. 

Recitals & Other Activities
These are a part of your lesson, and an important tool to help with your child's advancement.  Please attend them. 


Because Suzuki Method relies on a rich and supportive environment for children, students and parents are required to observe at least one other lesson each week.  Not only do students receive motivation from watching another student's lesson, the child realizes that he/she is not alone in the world of piano lessons/practice. 

Studio Etiquette
Please plan to arrive well before your scheduled lesson time so that your child does not feel rushed.  Please make sure that your child uses hand sanitizer after arriving at the studio.  Please enter the studio quietly, and please put away all studio books, papers and pencils before you leave. 
Constant listening to music performed with beautiful tone provides children with a role model for their playing.